first steps

This little strategy should guide you through the first three hard years. A strong finance- and ressource base is the meat and potatoes of this game.
You can find more detailed help in the tables and handbook integrated in the game.

The year 1975

The country you choose in the beginning sets the type of vine of the first years. E.g Müller-Thurgau luxuriates in Rheinpfalz! Plant an additional good growing type of vine.
Ensure not later than march that youre vineyard has an good condition as this is youre most important ressource!
Harvest in october ripe/overripe crops to be able to produce Qualitätsweine b.A. Press the grapes in the same month and possibly by some storage room. Register and bootle the wine. You have to age the vine a minimum storage time. Only bottled vines give a price.

The year 1976

This is the year you propably produce your first profit - but you surely don't need a money bin.
Watch out each month for the prices on the market and sell as expensive as possible but at least when your money is getting short. Don't forget to fertilize the vineyard! After harvesting in october, the bottles for the wine may get low. Average up enough and register the vine again as Qualitätswein b.A.

the year 1977

This year you can try to produce a qualitative higher wine than Qualitätswein b.A.. Look up in the integrated tables for the requirements of such a vin and read the handbook part "winequality". You should also increase the vine stock on your vineyard. In march the regional contest happens the first time, but only qualitative higher wines can get a price.
The next decicions are now yours..
In Vino vertias!